I Don't Understand Why These Skyrim Mudcrabs Are So Funny

Help, I think I’m suffering from a mild case of idiocy. What is it about this video by YouTube user NormalDifficulty that I find so amusing? Is it because the mudcrabs are so posh, wearing tophats, monocles and whatnot? Is it that they sound so accusatory? How they gang up on the adventurer?

Maybe the truth is that sometimes what we find funny just plain doesn’t make sense. Either way, the very last now you effed up—when the guy is dead—is just the kicker here. Because, well. Now he fucked up.

Maybe I’ve just had a long week. But, ah, here we are. Friday. The weekend! Got any plans? I’m about to head out and wreck some white russians at a bar, I think.

Feel free to talk about Skyrim, stupid humor, drinks or just about whatever you’d like—here, or over at the Talk Amongst Yourselves forum. Have a good weekend!

Bad Neighborhood [NormalDifficulty]

Originally written and published by Patricia Hernandez at Kotaku. Click here to read the original story.
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