Rugby League Live 2 Review

Melbourne-based Big Ant doesn’t have an easy job. It needs to take a fast, highly kinetic sport like rugby league and turn it into a video game for the same sort of budget the developers of the FIFA series presumably allocate to keeping pace with Cristiano Ronaldo’s haircuts.

The disparities in the budgets of Big Ant’s Rugby League Live series and top tier sporting kings like FIFA 13 and NBA 2K13 aren’t reflected at the cash register though; Rugby League Live 2 sells for just as much as its big bucks rivals. With that comes a level of expectation fans are entitled to possess.

2010’s Rugby League Live was poor on most fronts; light on features and plagued by frustrating gameplay quirks. Two years down the track and Rugby League Live 2 is a noticeably better effort. It still falls well short of great but it has improved in most areas. In some cases, significantly so.

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