Face Off 07×08 – Killer Instinct (SPOILERS)



So, we’re back to the regular format episodes after the cool Judge Match episode.  It starts with a good-natured pillow fight to wake Rachel up, and it just escalates from there.  They head to the studio, and it’s all gloomy and creepy.  As soon as I see the mirror, I know they’re doing Bloody Mary.  Whoever does the best Bloody Mary gets immunity.  Rachel wins for using slit throat prosthetics around her face to make it look like she steals faces.

We’re in the Universal Studios backlot, and the marquee on the front of the movie theater says “Halloween Horror Nights”.  Woooooot! Horror Challenge!!!! Everyone is properly excited

McKenzie is there with the two guys who created Halloween Horror Nights, and they’re in front of a bunch of movie posters for fake horror flicks.  There are a couple there that I would definitely see if they were real.  Stella picks first, and she goes to the movie that I wanted to see the most – The Trophy Room, which has a woman’s head mounted like a hunting trophy.  Keaghlan picks Homecoming Scream.  Sasha takes Bonnie and Cyanide.  Rachel gets Bone Appetite (another movie I would definitely see).  Dina picks The Cloven, Drew picks We Met Online, Damien takes Buzzcut, George takes Axe Girlfriend, and Cig gets left with the last choice, which is The Second Chumming (which also sounds like a porn movie title).

The prize is that your makeup gets to be put into Halloween Horror Nights, along with other past Face Off makeups (I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to go to that).  The Integrity doll convention is in Orlando, and I’m so sad that I couldn’t afford to physically go, because I would have gone to Universal Studios Orlando for this in a HEARTBEAT.

Design time.  Keaghlan hand Homecoming Scream, and wants to do a greyscale makeup because she wants it to be in the style of an old 50’s B-horror flick.  Cig is really running with The Second Chumming, and is basically making a giant chum bucket with pants.  Damien’s idea sounds really cool, and he has the plan to have his actor pull off the scalp with tons of stringy blood.  I’m excited to see if that turns out.  Drew and Sasha’s sound kind of boring.  Drew’s just doing a normal, but gross, looking guy, and Sasha’s concept about injecting poison blood could be cool, but I don’t think she’s using it in the right way.  George is doing an ex-girlfriend who has a giant shotgun wound in the side of her head.  Dina’s pick kind of scares me, because her concept is really lame – an evil Santa’s reindeer.  And when it starts going south and doesn’t look ANYTHING like a reindeer, she still runs with it instead of realizing that she needs a different concept.  Rachel has immunity, but she still wants to go big with her Bone Appetite movie.  So, she decides to make a baroness who has this big stomach in the middle of her chest that she eats her feast guests with.  The mouth looks properly gross.  And Stella, with my fave of the posters – Trophy Room, is going the classic inbred hillbilly route.

Keaghlan’s got an uphill battle with her anatomy, since her character’s head is backwards.  Dina’s still in trouble, sculpting hooves that honestly don’t look that great.  She should have just started from scratch.  Cig’s still worried that he bit off more than he could chum (ho ho ho), and Rachel is worried about doing an old-age makeup for her baroness, which if you’ve watched this show, you know is the hardest make-up to do.  However, her selling point is totally going to be the stomach.

Application Day!  George is laying his model (Meghan) down because he did the face in silicone, which is really heavy.  If she were sitting up in the chair, it would droop as he was applying it.  He then gets Meghan to take pictures of him posing in the French maid-like outfit that he has as a costume.  Cig puts a base color of bubblegum pink for the gore, but he knows what he’s doing.  Sasha apparently doesn’t – her veins just look like squiggles.  Rachel uses some fishing wire for the flaps outside the mouth, attaching them to the limbs of the model, and when it moves, it looks WICKED and really creepy.  Dina and Sasha are pretty damn worried (and they should be).  Sasha’s is just a squiggle mess.  If anyone had a circulatory system like that, they would be reallllyyyy dead.  And Dina’s doesn’t look like a reindeer.  It looks like a pigdeer… thing.

New stage music!!!  It’s all ‘victim being chased by maniac’ kind of music.  Damien’s is up first, and when the model rips the scalp off, it looks really realistic and slimy.



Dina’s reindeer from The Cloven looks just…. not like a reindeer at all.  And the initial concept of one of Santa’s reindeer was a really lame one.  I would have done something like a goat human from a Satanic ritual or something.  Neville’s facial expression while it’s on stage is hilarious – like Simon Pegg in Hot Fuzz at the Romeo and Juliet thing (which is a direct homage to The Producers when the audience sees Springtime For Hitler)


Next up is Sasha’s villain from Bonnie and Cyanide.  It’s not sculpted especially well, but the veins are just awful.  They look like a 4 year old just went nuts with some magic markers.


Cig’s The Second Chumming is a big blob of gore.  It’s a little hard to see any detail because of it, but really… that’s what a bucket of chum looks like.  It’s got some really weird, crazy mouth movements, since the mouth is on the actor’s chin.


George’s Axe Girlfriend is up next, and it’s looking GREAT.  He didn’t go overboard with the blood, and the gunshot wound is fairly realistic.  LOVE the finger necklace.


We’ve then got Drew’s guy from We Met Online.  He’s creepy looking, but he’s actually quite boring.  The hands in the movie poster looked way more monsterish than what this guy’s face is.  He looks like a normal internet predator, instead of a horror monster predator. (I actually think I’ve met this guy online somewhere…)


Keaghlan’s Homecoming Scream kinda turned into a mess.  She accidentally put the sash on backwards, so it just kills the backwards illusion, and the anatomy doesn’t even really look like she’s backwards.  It looks more like she’s got boobs on both the front AND the back.  There also isn’t enough paint variation.  Even with a greyscale paint job, there needs to be variation, not just one color.


Rachel’s Bone Appetite’s mouth moves like a dream (or nightmare).  The face is kinda blah, but that stomach just sells everything!  She has immunity, so it’s irrelevant really if it’s good or bad.  But it’s nice that she did something good even with immunity – it shows drive.


And last, but not least, we have Stella’s hillbilly.  He’s very The Hills Have Eyes, and the anatomy is pushed out of whack in a very realistic way.  The bulging of his head creates some cool lines.  The only thing I don’t like about it is that the severed head needs more paint.  It looks just like what it is – a mannequin head with some stitching and a wig.


Stella, Drew, and Damien are safe.  I liked both Damien’s and Stella’s, so I’m a little disappointed in that aspect.  Rachel, George, and Cig are the top looks.  George wins, and I agree with that.  He was the one I chose for a winner (I know, I know… it seems like I’m just saying that in hindsight, but I really do choose these ahead of time!).

The bottom looks are Dina, Sasha, and Keaghlan.  The sad part was that me and my mother were discussing that, as a group, this season has the strongest females.  I know past seasons have had wonderful female artists, but this is the largest group of good ones together.  And then three of them are in the bottom.  I guessed that Dina would be going home, but they chose Sasha.  And then they break her brain by using their save on her.  It’s hilarious how ditzy she is about it, especially when Neville tells her to pull her socks up, and she’s like “I’m not wearing socks…”  She’s definitely over the moon.

I can’t WAIT for next week’s episode.  The preview mentions GI Joe.  Enough said!!