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The Heart Of Heartless Hi all!

My name is Tony Centeno and I am a designer and Illustrator Spanish, I live in the beautiful city of Madrid since I was born 30 years ago. Currently working as Art Director at, the original t-shirt company online, most important of Spain.

I am also a proud parent of a child of seven years, which has great talent drawing, and that by his progression, I hope that in a few years can give me some lessons on how to draw;)

I have many common hobbies everyone more or less, and some obsessive, of which I’m jumping from season to season. Now I am immersed in reading the series “A song of ice and fire”, but that will not catch me next thing. Also keep expanding my space wolves army, play3 game when I need to escape from it all, and I never tire of listening every day, some 2pac songs, for more than a decade

Well, my journey at RIPT began today, a April 20, 2013 and hope you can get some of my designs cast in his incredible gallery.

In closing, you can see more of my work on my facebook

or see any of my speed painting videos on my youtube channel

Thank you very much to all,
Tony Centeno

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